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No. The specified number of students per group is an absolute maximum. No group membership is to exceed this under any circumstances. 

This maximum is chosen based on the difficulty level of the project and overall cost. 

Yes. But it is highly not recommended.  Students are advised to form their group from within the same section. This will make it easier for us to schedule your discussion time and date, and save your group from the problem of finding a suitable time for all of you without any conflicts.

Generally No. Please form your groups in the specified size. 
No student is to carry the project alone under any circumstances.

No student is allowed to carry the project alone under any circumstances.

This is clearly not our responsibility. Complete the project and present it all by yourself.
Choose your project group partners wisely. 

Once the project discussion schedule is posted, you will have time to object. Kindly see the lab supervisor to set a suitable date/time.

1. Sometimes, students from the Student Union volunteer to procure the needed components for all student groups, at discounted prices, watch for the advertisements.
2. You can buy these components on your own from some shops in Sweileh, Downtown and Al-Abdali ..
3. You can get some components from old electronic boards/games/etc .. and use them.

No. The project mark is not disclosed to the students. Since the project is part of the final, and by university regulations, the marks of the finals are kept confidential.

Each group should bring the following:
1. The project hardware model.
2. The project code, software copy only.
3. A report which has the following:
A. Flow Diagrams of your code (detailed and abstract).
B. Hardware circuit diagram
C. Highlights of any extra work done / bonuses

The software code should be emailed to embedded334@yahoo.com

The total mark of the project is out of 15. Approximately, half of the total mark goes for group work, the other for individual work and member involvement in the project.

Not much. The lab supervisors and engineers restrict their help to guidance, explaining project details and giving you some ideas on how to proceed or overcome a problem. We help you in using any lab tools available.
We do NOT see any codes, or debug any of your software or hardware problems. Sorry. 

You are encouraged to use the course forum to help each other

Any student who does not show up on discussion day will get a mark of zero. No exemption. The other group students are not affected.

The project marks are distributed such as both the HW, SW and report are weighted, you will only lose the mark of the part you didn't do. 

Each group should bring the report on discussion day. No late submissions accepted.

If you have time to buy new components, by all means do.
Always try to have a video of your fully working model to present to the examiner, should the model not work, at least you have the video to prove your claims :)

On some occasions, we can lend you some components if available.

Yes. But first, you should submit a professional proposal detailing your idea. Should the lab supervisors agree that the idea is new and genuine, and that the difficulty level of your proposed project is similar to the suggested topics, then you will be granted permission to proceed.

Note that there are strict deadline before which you need to present your proposal (Check the website regularly). Late submissions are not accepted.

A mix of both to be exact. There is a strict acceptable minimum for passing, and for high grades too,  whatever the average marks are.

This varies depending on the overall performance of the students. In, previous semesters, the passing grade was about 45/100.

This minimum varies depending on student performance. In previous semesters, the minimum to get an A is around 80/100. Sometimes it shoots to 87/100, sometimes it falls to 77!

Not necessarily, the mid-term exam is only 25% of the total course grades. From our experience, many of those who fail the mid-term exam, work hard and do well in the  quizzes, performance and project and eventually get good marks. :)

Not necessarily, you will for sure get a zero for the project part, yet it depends on how well you do in your exams, quizzes and practical lab work. Your overall total determines whether you pass or fail the course.

Though not necessarily, but it is often the case. Students who fail to secure good totals before the final and the project discussion, also fail to pass the final or the project.

The embedded lab has PIC start plus programmers which you can use during official lab hours to program your device.
Some students prefer to build/buy there own programmers as well.

No. There are no make-ups under any circumstances. This policy has been strictly employed in all semesters.

Generally, we are short on equipment and lab space, and students are disallowed to attend in other section, however there are two cases:
1. You should notify your direct lab supervisor with acceptable justification before few days time, should she/he agree, you further need to get the permission of the supervisor of the section you wish to attend. Both lab supervisors should agree and be notified! 
2. If you don't notify either of the parts involved, you will be denied to access the lab.

If you have an exam at the time of the lab, you should present an official paper stating so.

Studying for exams is not an accepted excuse!

You will get a zero for the labsheet/practical part unless you had notified the supervisors. Check this question for more info.

You will find all the resources you need on this website. 

If you have low speed internet connection, the software packages and the other resources are to be found on drive D of all lab PC's. 

Sorry, only the marks of the labsheets are reported. However, you can request to revise the grading of your labsheet.

No. Project examiners and project discussion dates are determined in a closed meeting between all lab engineers. Student don't have the luxury to choose their examiners nor discussion dates. In most cases, your examiner is your lab supervisor.

Feel free to contact us directly using our Facebook page or send us an email at embedded334@yahoo.com.

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