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Mid Term Exam Reminder

The Midterm exam will be held during the week of 27th of March 2011 each in her/his lab time!

  • The Midterm exam will be based on all study material from Lab 1 till Lab 5 (From start of course till Keypad Exp.)
  • The Midterm exam will be held during lab time .There will be no make up exams under any circumstances.
      • Each Student will sit for the exam in his/her section that he/she is attending.

      Exam times will be as follows:
      Section 1: 02:00   P.M.
      Section 2: 12:30   P.M.
      Section 3: 02:00   P.M.
      Section 4: 12:30   P.M.
      Section 5: 02:00   P.M.
      Section 6: 12:30   P.M.
      Section 7: 02:00   P.M.
      Section 8: 12:30   P.M.
      Section 9: 02:00   P.M.

  • You are not allowed to bring any study material to the exam room! You will be provided with everything you need for purposes  of the exam!
  • No calculators and no cell phones (all cell phones are to be turned off
  • CHEATING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED, a zero mark will be awarded and such an incident shall be officially reported!
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i checked the midterm marks for other sections and now i am hell scared from the exam,low marks!!! surprised

You should not be. Take for example Monday Sections, both sections had the same exam, the morning section grades were quite high (not posted yet) .. most of the students got over 12 .. meanwhile the evening section marks were quite lower .. it depends on the student and his/her study .. Good Luck

thats right smile

if u would ask us about the LSD,would u give us the command table or we have to know it by our selves??

The PIC and LCD datasheet including the command table will be given to you! No need to memorize anything!!!

thats awesome,thank you so much!

is the proteus involved in the MID exam ??? cry

No, it is not included!

Is the exam going to include any questions that require writing full codes, or is it just about modifying and analyzing existing code?

There might be a part which requires you to write SMALL code .. no more than 10-15 instructions .. that is a certain function or so smile Good Luck

are you gonna give us the instructions' function's table??

All PIC datasheets on folder D on the lab PC are available during the exam .. you just have to know in which datasheet you'll find the instruction set to save time smile Good Luck .. Study well!

are u goin' to question us about experiment 0?

It is necessary that you know how to use MPLAB well .. we will net help you with MPLAB during the exam!!

is it a multiple choice exam ???

No it is not!

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