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Welcome to the Embedded Systems Lab at the University of Jordan! This lab is offered as part of the Computer, Electrical and Mechatronics Engineering curriculum. Through this site, students can gain access to study and extra material; they can also share ideas, help each other and have discussions using site forums. 

Study material is publicly available (i.e. Experiments and Labsheets ). 
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Important Notes
  1. This site requires registration to benefit from all features! Kindly click on the Registration link on top of the page to start the process! Ignore the fields which require photos and only fill the fields with a red star * .You will have to activate your account by clicking on the link sent to your email! If you receive none, check your spam folder!
  2. You have to use your real name in the registration process, however, choose any nickname of your choice. Nicknames are displayed in your forum posts and comments! Be sure that we will keep your information private!
  3. You have to provide a valid and active email address! Notifications of posting of experiments, worksheets, news and marks will be sent to this email once they are available! Using a fake email will deny you from benefiting from some features! 
  4. Site availability is guaranteed 99.8% of the time by the hosting service! We hold no responsibility for any issues resulting from the site being down! If for any reason experiments are not posted due to technical reasons, it is the responsibility of the students to get the experiment from the lab!  
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