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Lab Experiments: To complement and practically clarify the ideas presented in the Embedded Systems course, a set of experiments have been devised that closely follow the plan laid down for the course. Below is a listing of the main topics of the lab sessions:
  1. Introduction to Lab and PIC Programming: MPLAB IDE, Microchip PIC 16 series addressing modes, internal registers and memory map. PIC instruction set and assembler directives, mathematical and logical operations, comparisons, arrays, BCD arithmetic, conditional statements, repetition techniques and look-up tables. Programming techniques and methodologies, modularity concepts.
  2. Introduction to Embedded Systems Hardware/Software Design and Basic HMI: This part is concerned with introducing off-the-shelf components and ICs covering regulators, resonators, 7-segments, LEDs, switches, push buttons, LCDs and keypads. System requirement analysis and definition, program flow analysis and flowchart design, system and subsystem design. Unit and system testing through simulation. An Industrial filling machine as an example
  3. Introduction to Embedded Systems Peripherals: Introducing the built-in 8 bit timers. Intersystem communication "USART peripheral”; communicating with PC through hyper terminal. A/D module, software and hardware Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), DC motor. Optical speed sensor circuit.
  4. Lab project: To make it possible for the students to grasp and practically implement the ideas learned during the course and lab sessions, the students are required to design, implement and then demonstrate a working embedded system project.
Labsheets: At the end of the lab, students are presented with lab sheets which are full of related questions which the student will be able to solve after running and simulating the example codes. 
Selected Lab Projects (Check this link for photos)
  • Multiple-Choice Game (MCG)
  • Secure data transfer system using data encryption
  • Remote Access Memory Card Reader System
  • Digital Alarm Clock
  • Digital voltmeter
  • Digital Bingo Board Game
  • Digital Piano
  • Secured Elevator
  • Restricted Access Control System (RACS)
  • Queue Management System (QMS)
  • LED Array Text Scrolling Screen
  • Arcade Style Game
  • Digital Clock
  • Calculator
  • Simple Mobile Phone Keypad Controller 
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